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OMANFIL is a company with long standing tradition of personal and effective client service. We establish close ties to our clients to help understand their manpower needs; and the different ways in which we can improve their human resources. The effectiveness of such partnerships has been manifested in numerous recognitions by the Philippine governments and the testimony of many clients across many countries.

OMANFIL has a distinct trait from its competitors: we provide our clients with both QUANTITY and QUALITY. The experience of the company allows us to process requests from clients and applicants at the most expedient manner, at any volume, adhering to the laws set forth by the government of the Philippines and of those of our clients.

OMANFIL recognizes the need of every country for manpower. That is why OMANFIL operations are flexible to deal with different clients from different parts of the globe. OMANFIL likewise branches to serving different industries, from healthcare to construction; our company will provide your company with excellent workers.


The process in which clients work with OMANFIL was developed over 33 years of experience. This process includes steps dealing with local government agencies, local manpower base, the screening process, and the deployment process. It also includes experience working with foreign establishments and being flexible enough to accommodate the needs of clients and their governments.

Internal facing processes are streamlined to complete requests and applications in the best manner the industry can offer. Our turn around times can attest to this. With recognition and respect from government agencies, our application procedures confidently meet regulations and therefore get approved at impressive rates. Having knowledge of years of deploying workers abroad gives us a set of best practices followed by most in the industry.

External facing processes as they deal with client interaction is very personal and specific to every client. We understand there is no blanket procedure to follow for the service we provide since each client - their needs, and regulations; vary greatly and change with time. It is our ability to adapt to such changes where value is manifested.


The history of overseas employment in the Philippines necessitates the need for strict regulations around the practice. This was due to other companies that exploited the clients and the people. This malicious practice is abhorred by OMANFIL, and therefore the reason why keeping to government regulations is a key component in how OMANFIL does business; and, therefore needs to be reflected in the clients we deal with.

The cornerstone for employing workers from the Philippines is having representation within the country to engage workers. OMANFIL becomes extensions to clients abroad and therefore we make certain we partner within the most structured manner surrounded by business practices that are ethical and within regulations of all governments concerned.

We help clients understand the regulations, structure partnerships through it, and allow for successful collaborated human resource solutions. We guide you through the steps and contribute our experience to make the road to overseas employment worthwhile and preferred.