Healthcare Assistant
Job ID: 00000188

Employer: Trinity Care

Job Category: Medical / HealthCare

Work Location: Ireland

Gender: Both

Expiration: Apr 27, 2024

Job Description:

Role Specifics
1. Carry out assigned and delegated duties involving direct care and all activities of daily living
under the direction and supervision of the RGNs, CNMs and DON e.g. bathing, toileting,
dressing, dining and all other aspects of daily living. Carry out duties enthusiastically and
in a caring way
2. Get to know all residents, be knowledgeable of their care plans and their care needs, be
aware of their preferences (likes and dislikes), know what they need, know their history.
3. Be knowledgeable and follow residents personal care plans and alert RGNs regarding any
changes in the physical, psychological, spiritual state of the residents. Contribute and assist
nurses during the care plan reviews every 4 months or sooner if required.
4. All interactions with residents to be recorded correctly and in a timely manner on Epiccare
5. Provide social care enthusiastically with all residents.
6. Accompany residents when required to travel externally for appointments and social
activities and be able to identify and provide for their needs during this time.
7. Provide high standards of personal care in an efficient time, checking that all care is given
(including hair care, nail care, feet care, oral care, pressure area care, incontinence care).
Report to the RGN on duty if care is refused or changes in residents conditions.
8. Ensure all residents look presentable and feel comfortable throughout the day.
9. Assist residents with meals, engage and chat with them to ensure they have an enjoyable
experience. Offer more food, more fluids during mealtimes and offer tea and coffee with
10. Be aware of each of the residents’ type of diet, and if they require thickener in both fluids
and liquid food and any other dietary requirements.
11. Always ensure that residents receive their choice of food at mealtimes, and offer
alternatives if requested
12. Ensure residents are given adequate time to relax and enjoy their meal without being
13. Any issues/concerns and experiences during mealtimes should be communicated to the
RGN immediately and to the kitchen staff
14. Ensure all resident’s living areas and bedrooms are left neat and presentable by placing all
their possessions and clothing away as per their wishes if applicable
15. Ensure all residents clothing is labelled correctly inform DON immediately where clothes
have no label.
16. Look after designated residents’ toiletries to ensure they have a full stock of products. Make
sure the baskets and products are kept clean and are kept in the specific residents area.
17. Report to the DON if a resident requires new clothes or toiletries.
18. Ensure you use the correct incontinence wear as per outcome of assessment and as
allocated by the HSE to each individual resident. Ensure that incontinence wear is positioned
correctly and is comfortable for the resident to wear.
19. Report to the RGN if a residents incontinence wear is not effective, not the correct size,
requirements change or there are any issues e.g. reaction to pads, responsive behaviours
20. Contribute to the moving of residents to maximise physical comfort, utilising manual
handling techniques correctly and equipment. Be aware that the elderly can bruise easily,
report any bruising noted to the nurse on duty. Use the correct equipment for the right
21. Provide particular attention to residents who have limited mobility and report to RGNs
where there is any decline
22. Be knowledgeable of appropriate and correct equipment and their use when moving
residents as per care plans and MDT
23. Understand and follow correct positioning of the residents and use corrective pressure
relieving equipment to prevent pressure sores


At least 2 years experience in a nursing home or hospital setting

BS in Nursing or complete QQI Level 5 Healthcare within first two years of employment.


Valid Passport


Absolutely No Placement Fee, No Processing Fee, No Visa Fee charges to all successful candidates.