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OMANFIL Is one of the biggest and most reputable suppliers of Filipino manpower overseas. Since 1978, OMANFIL has recruited over 85,000 Filipino workers to the Sultanate of Oman, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Egypt, Nigeria, Libya, Botswana, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Cuba (Guantanamo Bay), Saipan, Palau, Marshall Islands, Korea, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and over 80 other countries worldwide.

Corporate Mission Statement

Omanfil aims to improve the lives of Filipinos by effectively matching international manpower needs to the overseas deployment of a capable local labor force.

Corporate Vision Statement

Omanfil strives to be the number One Land-based Manpower provider in the Philippines by consistently deploying the highest number and best qualified personnel while strictly adhering to guidelines set by the Philippine Government and giving priority to the welfare of the personnel deployed.

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OMANFIL started by concentrating in Oman. We singlehandedly pioneered the sending of Filipino workers to Oman in 1980. Today, there are about 25,000 Filipinos working in Oman, a big majority of whom were recruited through OMANFIL. We have since expanded our operations to cover other countries worldwide. We now have over 50,000 workers in countries other than Oman.

OMANFIL has consistently been recognized by the Philippine Government for its outstanding performance in the export of Philippine Labor. In 1988, the Philippine Government thru the POEA conferred the ultimate status of recognition by enshrining OMANFIL into the POEA HALL OF FAME. The HALL OF FAME award established OMANFIL as one of the very top agencies of the Philippines. As a sign of recognition, a gold-plated inscription of OMANFIL is now permanently displayed on the POEA pillars for public viewing recognition.

The POEA started giving AWARDS and recognition to the best performing agencies in 1984. Since 1984, OMANFIL has received all the possible awards and recognition of the POEA. OMANFIL has been given all the possible Top Performer Award, all Awards of Distinction and all Awards of Excellence. There are at most three agencies that can boast of receiving all the POEA Awards.

In addition to the aforementioned awards, the nationwide Philippine Marketing Association also honored OMANFIL, through its Board Chairman Mr. Leonard- B. de Ocamp- with its AGORA AWARD for Excellence in Manpower Export. Omanfil is the first and only Agora awardee to date for Manpower.

The ultimate recognition was the conferment of the Presidential Award for Manpower export excellence which was given to Omanfil by no less than the President of the Republic of the Philippines last April 2010. Omanfil’s contribution to the manpower industry was proudly recognized through this award which was the first and only time a presidential award was ever given.


OMANFIL is particularly proud of its reputation for integrity, efficiency and professionalism. OMANFIL is one of the very few agencies in the Philippines that follow strictly ALL of the rules and regulations of the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) including the fees imposed on its recruits. OMANFIL charges its recruits only the POEA approved local fees.

Operationally, OMANFIL emphasizes the comprehensive screening and training of its recruits thereby assuring its clients that OMANFIL recruits are the best qualified, best trained and most experienced staff available in the Philippines. OMANFIL also emphasizes and adheres to the importance of on-time deployment guaranteeing that workers are deployed as per the agreed timetable with its clients.

Our pool of manpower ranges from professionals such as engineers, medical practitioners, nurses, teachers, and industrial technicians, to general workers such as hotel staff, factory workers, and construction workers among others. Here at Omanfil International Manpower Development Corporation, our business management strategy is simple. Through our utilization of the ISO guidelines, this aims at embedding a strong awareness of quality in our organizational culture to benefit everyone in business with us.



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