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Job Description:
• Assist and provide technical support by phone, email or chat;
• Analyze and resolve technical issues related to our Microsoft products and services, notably Office 365;
• Lead customers through service configurations;
• Provide a very high customer service level;
• Deliver and follow up on problem resolutions and customer satisfaction;
• Proactively and comprehensively document customer issues in ticketing systems;
• Carry out all other related tasks per the job’s evolution and departmental needs.

Here's what you need to have and master to get the job.
• 6 months to less than 2 years of experience in taking care of customers in a rapidly moving environment (customer service).
• 6 months to less than 2 years of experience in technical support.
• Minimum education of a total of 11 years of studies (primary +secondary in Quebec). Diploma equivalent to the DES (Diploma of Secondary Studies) or DEP (Diploma of Vocational Studies), with a strong interest for information technologies.
• Excellent English skills, both oral and written, are essential. Applicants will be requested to undertake a brief English evaluation as part of their online application process.
• Knowledge of Office 365 or Microsoft 365
• Basic knowledge of Windows applications

Job conditions:
• Full-time (40 hour-week), permanent position
• Available for varying work shifts (days, evenings, nights and weekends). On a positive note, you will work the same shift every day.
• Extensive 6-week paid training

Place of the job position :
• Sherbrooke, Québec Canada, OR
• Longueuil, Québec Canada

Employee Benefits:
• Insurance premiums: a long-term disability insurance
• Pension Funds: a comatch pension plan for up to 3% of Sherweb's interest
• Up to 5 days of floating holidays
• Supplementary health insurance
• An annual health management account

Immigration (visa) requirements
1. Proof that you speak English (e.g., English language test, work experience in English or study certificate in English)
a. The English test performed as part of your interview process will also serve as proof that you speak English under your visa application process.
2. Copies of diplomas, equivalent to secondary studies.;
3. Copy of proof of employment from relevant previous jobs (or at least a hiring letter, termination letter or reference letter);
4. Resume;
5. Copy of passport;
6. Answer safety questions and migratory background questionnaire;
7. Police clearance certificate of all countries where you have lived.

Note that the immigration process in Canada takes time, so we will ask for your patience...
1. Up to 5 months to obtain the necessary authorizations to work in Québec (LMIA, CAQ, and authorization letter from the Canadian embassy for the work permit).
2. Minimum 7 weeks to obtain your temporary resident visa (visitor visa).
3. Therefore, the overall duration estimated between the day you sign your contract and the day you arrive in Canada is approximately 8 months.
Accompanying family?
It will be your responsibility to apply for the visas of your family members if you want them to accompany you in Canada. It
can be done once you are settled in Canada, or once you receive approval of your work permit application (LMIA/CAQ). Our legal partner, BCF, can send you a guide to complete the online visa application. The Government fees are around CAD $355 for spouses and between CAD $100 and CAD $300 for children.

Jun 3, 2020


Globogate Concept AG from Germany is currently recruiting NURSES with recent 2 years experience in the following specialties: ADULT ICU/ GENERAL WARD/ MEDICAL-SURGICAL WARD/ GERIATRIC WARD/ PSYCHIATRIC WARD/ INTERNAL MEDICINE.

Interested applicants, please email your CV and credentials to germannurses@omanfil.com for review.

Hurry, APPLY NOW!!!
Limited slots only!!!

Mar 28, 2020


IMPERIAL COLLEGE HEALTHCARE NHS TRUST located in London, UK will be having a recruitment campaign at Omanfil International on FEBRUARY 2020!

Interested applicants, please email your CV and credentials to uknurses@omanfil.com for review.

Jan 30, 2020


OMANFIL INTERNATIONAL is in need of STAFF NURSES for UK, GERMANY & USA. Interested applicants please email your CV and credentials to apply@omanfil.com for review.

Hurry, APPLY NOW!!!

Feb 6, 2018


Prelim interview ongoing. Bring CV and credentials. To apply email: apply@omanfil.com

Feb 26, 2015

OMANFIL is on Facebook

OMANFIL is now on FACEBOOK. Like us at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Omanfil-International-Manpower-Development-Corp/361638133944362

Feb 8, 2013